Martin Sandholt



Hello. I'm Martin. I've been making and breaking stuff since I was a little rascal.
I now enjoy getting paid doing the same as a designer.

I enjoy creating digital products. I'm currently working as a Designer in Copenhagen at Momondo.

I'm a openminded and curious person by nature, and I like to think, talk, listen and create with other people and I like to share my ideas and knowledge with the community.

As part of giving a little back, I do design and prototyping workshops at schools. I also like to speak at meetups and conferences. Most recently I spoke at Copenhagen Frontenders about CSS Grid Layout.

One of my sideprojects is being the organizer of a monthly meetup named Sketch App Meetup Copenhagen. It's focused on interactive design and prototyping using Sketch and other tools like InVision and FramerJS

I'm also the founder and maintainer of Open Device Lab Copenhagen. A place where anybody can test their design on multiple physical devices.